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BIMC HOSPITAL Group delivers international standards of care for residents and tourists in Bali while establishing the island as a world-class medical tourism destination. BIMC HOSPITAL provides a multitude of comprehensive services performed by specially trained medical teams in two dedicated facilities located in Kuta and Nusa Dua.

BIMC Hospital General Practitioners (GP’s) are professionally trained in Family Medicine (one to one relationships, patient-doctor), Emergency Medicine and as Hospitalists; dedicated doctors who are specifically trained to coordinate inpatient care.

Recognized as the only preferred healthcare provider in Indonesia by International Assistance Group (IAG), BIMC HOSPITAL group goes above and beyond to accommodate patients' needs; driven by ambition for excellence and passion for care.

News Update

Redefine your cheek and jaw line

  A thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure that lifts the sagging tissue from inside and stimulates skin tissue that promotes new collagen production in the dermal layer. Defining your cheek and jaw line for a smoother and more youthful appearance is the desired outcome of the procedure. At the Cosmedic Centre the thread [read more]

Talking Dengue at the Bali Island School

On December 16 BIMC General Manager, Cathy Bolwell, gave a talk for parents and teachers at the Bali Island School in Sanur on the topic of dengue fever. Ms Bolwell explained that dengue fever is quite common in Bali. Dengue used to be prevalent during the rainy season that runs from October to April but [read more]

Skin Nutrition with Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical injection of plant extracts, amino acid, vitamins, minerals and enzyme into layers of the skinthat has proven to be hugely beneficial. The treatmentis also useful to stimulate blood circulation, rejuvenate the skin, prevent premature aging, reduce pigmentation and acne and used to reduce fat and cellulites.Seen as a nutrition booster to [read more]

Medical News

    At what age is it best to do the right thing and get tested and what are the specifics? Age 20-29 At this age, a cancer-related check-up should be part of your periodic health exams and might include exams for cancers of the thyroid, mouth, skin, lymph nodes, testicles, and ovaries. A check-up [read more]

Ladies: it’s Cervical Cancer Month

January does not just mark the start of a new year, it’s also Cervical Cancer Awareness Month and here’s what you need to know. Cervical Health Awareness Month hopes to raise awareness of this cancer and the diseases that can cause it and start conversations between women and their physicians that could help stop the [read more]

Get Healthy with Superfoods

    Health-e takes a look at this category of nutrition found in nature and best of all many items grown or purchased right here in Bali. It’s no secret superfoods is the latest buzzword, with everything from chia seeds to goji berries now a regular presence in grocery store aisles. What many superfoods have [read more]