Dental Centre


Dental Centre in BIMC Hospital Nusa Dua offers only the highest standard dental treatment for tourists and residents alike, ranging from regular check-ups, standard restorative treatments such as fillings, crowns and bridges, and dentures.

Dental Centre, in-line with BIMC Hospital standards of quality and care, is equipped with state-of-the art equipments and experienced dentists. We also offer cosmetic dental services such as teeth bleaching and whitening services. All international patients are evaluated for their dental issues and then lab work may begin, which takes upwards of a week. Patients staying in Nusa Dua are able to return to their hotel and simply relax and enjoy their medical holiday while the lab staff prepare their artificial replacements.

Visit the BIMC HOSPITAL Dental Centre in Nusa Dua and leave with a smile.

One Surface Composite Restoration                                                 500,000
Complex Coronal Composite Reconstruction                                1,596,000
Pin Retention (per unit pin) – Fiber    200,000
Pin Retention (per unit pin) – Titanium                                             200,000
Extraction of One Tooth (adult) simple cases                                 500,000
Extraction of One Tooth (adult) moderate cases  750,000
Complicated Extraction (adult) (non surgery)                               1,500,000
Complicated Extraction (adult) (surgery procedure)                  2,000,000
Extraction of One Tooth (child) simple                                              450,000
Extraction of One Tooth (child) moderate               600,000
Extirpation of Pulp / Debridement of one Root Canal (simple root)       500,000
Extirpation of Pulp / Debridement of one Root Canal (complex root) 750,000
Extirpation of Pulp / Debridement of Each Additional Canal (two canals simple) 700,000
Extirpation of Pulp / Debridement of Each Additional Canal (two canals complex) 900,000
Root Canal Obturation (One Canal)                           700,000
Package Endodontic Treatment (single canal)                              3,500,000
Package Endodontic Treatment (multiple canals)                        4,000,000
Basic metal and porcelain                                                            5,000,000
Precious Metal and Porcelain                                                              by Report depend from gold price and weight
Full Porcelain                                                                     5,000,000
Zirconium                                                                                                   5,500,000
Temporary Resin Crown                                                                       600,000
Post Core (rebuild)                                                                                  1,250,000
One to Five Teeth                                                                                     3,699,000
Full Dentures (per jaw)                                                                           6,000,000
Partial Dentures Relining simple                                500,000
Partial Dentures Relining complex                                                    700,000
PREVENTIVE SERVICES                        
Removal of Plaque and Stains                                                             Starts from 500,000
Non Vital Bleaching                                                                                  3,000,000
Office Bleaching                                        Starts from 3,500,000
Home Bleaching                                                                2,500,000
*Prices might be subject to change without prior notice